The Strategy & Development Review edited by the Faculty of Economics, Trade and Management Sciences at the Mostaganem University. It is an approved international scientific journal. Which is concerned with the different economic fields. It opens a space for all the scientific potentialities in Algeria and outside. By the contribution in one of the topics related to the economy and its changes. Particularly in Algeria, the Arab countries. And at the international level.

     All article abstracts are indexed in the social science research network. And are searchable through Google scholar. It is included in the h-Index and impact Factor (GIF) calculations. The journal is indexed in the Cabell Quality Publishing database, which is relevant for tenure track evaluations.

     The scientific research articles published by this International Review. Are based on publication criteria. To which researchers must conform, namely:


  • Mention of the surname, first name and address. Accompanied by the telephone or fax number and the email, on a separate sheet of the article;
  • Only researches which have not been published before Are admissible;
  • The research article should include two abstracts whose volume should not exceed half a page for each summary. One written in English, the other in French or in Arabic. the summary should show the purpose of the research and its results;
  • The volume of the research article should not exceed 20 pages, and not be less than 15 pages, and conform to the criteria listed below :

                - Authors must use (Times New Roman) font scale 13 for the research papers in English or French;

             - Authors must use (Traditional Arabic) font scale 15 in terms of the text and font scale 13

               for numbers. For the research papers in Arabic language;

            - Page layout: H-F: 1.5, L-R: 1.5; Line spacing: 1.15;

            - Paper Size: L: 17, H: 24.

  • It is imperative to respect the academic standards and the formal criteria in terms of the preparation of the article, namely :

              - Paper presentation by defining its objectives and methodology;

              - Mention the page footnotes automatically at the end of the article (before the Bibliography);

              - Numbering graphs, tables and drawings, through a progressive and distinct numbering;

              - At the end of the article, it is necessary to draw a conclusion that relates the results of the research;

              - Always at the end of the article, mention the sources and references according to the alphabetic


              - Where reference is related to a work on paper, it is appropriate to mention the full name of the

               author (s), the title of the book in different characters (place of publication: publisher, year of


  • Manuscripts are subject to examination by a scientific committee (double peer-reviewed articles), for the acceptance or rejection of its publication, and at least make the necessary changes;
  • Articles submitted by their authors through personal e-mail, cannot be accepted. And will not be returned, whether published or not;
  • Review retains all rights inherent in the publication. Therefore, a second publication of this article would not be accepted for other langue without the permission from the Review;
  • Any article published on the journal, can be downloaded from the website of the journal;
  • A second article can be publishable three issues after the publication of the first one;
  • Each article can be written by three or four participants. In case that the third participant is a co-supervisor.
  • The concepts and opinions expressed in articles are the sole responsibility of their authors.


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